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Marketing is a complex basket weaved of many disciplines. One thing it is not is sales. Instead, marketing should be seen as the roadmap to sales success. The odds of sales success improve dramatically with successful marketing strategies and tactics.

Marketing is key in product development, portfolio planning, distribution and positioning and yes, advertising and promotion -- which is what many think marketing is all about.
  • Do you know precisely who your target is for your goods and services?
  • Are you certain of the competitive landscape?
  • Do you know the size of your opportunities?
  • Are you experienced with online or social methods of marketing?
There are many questions to be asked before making a marketing plan. Aside from data, you want a point of view. BlueSalve has deep and practical experience in all the many areas that comprise successful marketing. From the "fuzzy front end" where we engage in finding the gaps, pains and needs of target customers and markets; to determining the sizes, methods and channels needed to reach them, along with the where and how to create that "buzz" around products and services. Lew, Robert and their associates have walked this path successfully for many years with many clients.

We have launched nascent brands into crowded markets and built them to success from scratch. We have pioneered new products and services in both the physical and online worlds. We have re-invented brands, their products and processes, and we have done this with the very limited budgets that the competitive space of consumer goods often demands. Money is helpful, but good marketing is most often defined by great execution and superior coordination with all the relevant company disciplines.

BlueSalve offers:
  • Brand development and Brand positioning
  • Market sizing and analysis
  • Insights into consumer purchase patterns and needs/pains/gaps
  • Innovation development and brainstorming
  • Concept validation
  • Ethnographic research
  • Qualitative and quantitative research and insight
  • Go to market planning
BlueSalve has birthed many award winning and top selling products and services. We have managed multimillion dollar budgets, but also created brand and buzz while running on the proverbial "vapor". Discipline, insight and execution make each precious dollar worth the investment.
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