Is your consumer technology business prepared for the start of a new decade?

Having been in the consumer technology business for a few decades, at bluesalve partners, we have seen great technologies and companies succeed and fail. Market conditions, competition and investment trends are all dynamic and can blindside you. Hard work, and a good product or technology is rarely enough to secure success. Often you are passionate about your product but still struggle to articulate the unique differentiation in your channels, end customers, or investors.

Each year the dynamics in the market change: technologies, the economy, and competition to name just a few. As we enter a new decade, 2020 will be no different. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) forecasted a flat 2019 holiday season with sales down slightly. 

They predicted about $97 Billion in sales, which is still a lot of tech. However, Smartphones, the most ubiquitous item that tech has ever produced are now flat to down in sales. Global sales of smartphones will drop 2-3% in 2019 and no near-term recovery is expected in 2020. We’re also seeing unit sales declines for 2019 in televisions, computers and in the gaming business.

Now is a great time to review your 2020 business strategy to account for predicted changes. How is your competitive benchmarking? Are you confident about your product-market fit? Are you short on internal resources, but can’t afford to bring on full-time headcount at this early stage? Are you focused or suffering from trying to do too many things too quickly with too few resources? Do you sell well but can’t deliver on the technology? Or have great technology and don’t know how to sell it? Is your product roadmap clear and achievable? Is your financial pro-forma a good operating tool to support your business strategy? Do you know how to get your message above the noise?

These are common challenges that are brought to the bluesalve team. You are not alone. Sometimes it’s a matter of having objective eyes and ears to challenge assumptions or bring something to your attention. When you’ve lost your glasses that are sitting on the bridge of your nose, it might be easier for someone else to see them and call it out. You can’t and shouldn’t feel like you have to do this yourself. Partner with our experienced, hands-on team to elevate your goals to new levels in 2020.

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