A common saying in politics, and nowadays other places is "never waste a crisis". And we are clearly in one. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to take a few minutes to consider the meaning of this statement.

In general, it means the ability to do many hard things that might be too difficult to do in other times. When times are good or even just OK it is hard to cut costs, or switch job function, or change procedure. This is often because it affects people, their roles, their pay and how they feel. It can affect partners and the trade and so we hold back, inertia rules and changes happen slowly.

Right now things are undeniably tough. Business as usual simply does not exist. Our people and trade partners are equally or perhaps even more affected. The only upside is the opportunity to honestly look at the things we are doing, while providing cover at the least to make changes that may be unwelcome or even unpleasant under other circumstances.

You may already have had to lay off or furlough staff. At least we are in a period of record unemployment benefits so the sting may be a bit lessened. We may have to adjust prices, or change to a digital offer, or switch our software and processes in ways that displace or discomfort employees or partners. We may simply have no choice at this time and many will understand when in other times they would not.

After all, we are all in this together and the point here is if not now, then when? If we sit and do nothing for many of us it ultimately spells disaster. While government intervention may be a bridge for us, it cannot go on forever and it should not be a bridge to nowhere.

We all likely have more time on our hands than we want, so take the time to really look at staff and their jobs and roles. Take a hard look at your processes and methods and see if change can make them better, cheaper and more accessible. Decide to digitize your business. Decide to up your marketing game and content offer to match the times. All of this is possible now, and what else are we doing?

It can be easy to see doom, and perhaps damage is unavoidable, but we will all feel better and achieve better outcomes if we try. Do not waste the crisis, but rather make for a better recovery.

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Robert Heiblim has more than 35 years of experience in the consumer electronics field encompassing all phases of general management, including management of new technology start-ups, and high growth companies. Along with his teams Mr. Heiblim has developed, marketed and sold hundreds of millions of devices through most global outlets for consumer technology. Robert is the current Chair of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Small Business Council as well as ex-officio Chair of the CTA Audio Board.

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