Standards, and their importance in the connected world.

Our bluesalve partners team attended the CTA Tech and Standards Forum the other week in San Francisco. This post is part one of the re-cap, there’s more to come. I attended working groups, education sessions and standards forming work on Artificial Intelligence, Security, Privacy, Audio, Video, Healthcare, and more.

One question was asked of all the groups and that was, “What effect will AI have on standards and tech work for your group?”. While many groups at first responded with none or very little, this quickly changed into, quite a bit now and a lot in the future.

Some of this is due to the ongoing use of data to help inform both consumer and management decisions and choices such as intelligent assistants helping to parse data or shopping choices. Other effects due to data capture and analysis in refining and improving products and services were noted. All had concerns yet saw benefits of AI in a connected world, and therefore the security and privacy worries this too can bring.

We began work with the US NIST agency to help form baseline standards for equipment makers so as to give end users basic protection, and device makers some limits of liability. This is a critical element as we see our government considering limits on surveillance and hinting at issues for large suppliers such as HikVision, surely a firm that many of us know with products in wide deployment.

Why, you might ask? Well, to start over four million connected cameras were recently used in a botnet attack on a major Internet services firm, and privacy issues abound: i.e. the issue of the Nest cam that was hacked in a child’s bedroom. We are just at the beginning of both a wide opening in new services and products enabled by connection along with new threats many of us have not even considered. For example, think about facial recognition as an issue. There are so many issues, and many are complicated.

There is no question that connected devices and services will have to answer, “what have you done to secure this?” and “how is my privacy protected” more and more as we go. Do you have the information, a roadmap or a plan?

Getting properly up to speed on the state and nature of the tech we now embed in more and more solutions is important as are industry wide standards that we can all comply with, and so our participation in these processes will continue.

If you feel you may not be in the loop on these things, then reach out to us. We attend most all the top conferences in CE and IOT matters and participate at high level, so we can give you direct information and advice on how to react and address upcoming and current developments.

While we all engage in the hard work of our businesses and customers daily, we also need to see how the rest of the world impacts us. Insight and advice here may be invaluable and help you plot your course to more opportunity while avoiding needless issues and delay.

By: Robert Heiblim, Partner
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