Proudly Presenting our Clients Exhibiting at CES 2021:
DEN Smart Home and MurphyBooth

About DEN Smart Home

DEN Smart Home presents its award-winning SmartStrike™ Winner of the CTA 2021 Innovation Award

The DEN SmartStrike is disruptive innovation in access control. The SmartStrike gets installed into the door frame ー residential or commercial. With the strike being invisible, the door becomes discreetly smart.

Customers enjoy remote entry and the benefits of a smart door lock while keeping the decor of their existing lock. Communicates via BLE, Zigbee, Wi-fi and Z-Wave. iOS and Android compatible.


About MurphyBooth

Perfect for remote workers, students, and shared work environments, the MurphyBooth is a pop-up privacy booth that provides the personal space and solace needed to get work done no matter where you are.

Customers can choose from a portable version that can be taken anywhere and a wall-mounted version for permanent placement. With sound-absorbing and antimicrobial surfaces, it provides an oasis of quiet while keeping spaces clean and sanitary in today’s world of heightened safety concerns.

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