Interim Management

C-level experience whenever you need it, for as long as you need it.

Even the best early-stage companies usually need executive experience that they can’t afford on a full-time basis. In particular, founders at the Seed and A Rounds face a daunting set of demands that are often beyond their skill set. Whether it’s pitching to investors, building a team or landing on the right marketing messages, executive experience is needed, but often out of reach.

We can help for as long or as short as your situation calls for. We've led teams as CEO, COO, VP Sales, VP Marketing, VP Business Development, VP Product Management, VP Purchasing, and more. Can’t find the right candidate? Aren’t ready to commit to a full-time permanent position? Can’t afford full-time head count?

bluesalve partners, with our broad network of associates, can help you fill a much needed role and get you the short-term results you need during an interim time frame that you can define.

bluesalve Intermin ManagementAdd instant all-star power for your:

• Financial preparation
• Strategy and operations
• Technology and product development
• Sourcing and logistics
• Marketing and sales initiatives
• Temporary executive needs

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With over 40 years of C-level management experience under our belts, bluesalve partners has the experience you need to devise and execute a winning business strategy.