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Insecurity for Security - Blog Post Image

Insecurity Behind the Security Industry?

We recently attended - in person again, at last! - the annual ISC West expo held by the...

The Meaning of Omnichannel

Omnichannel, omnichannel, the word is everywhere. It is used, misused, abused, and misunderstood, promoted as a buzzword and...

I Did a Patent Search So I’m Free and Clear to Make/Use/Sell My Product…Right?

One often-misunderstood but truly fundamental component of a successful patent prosecution practice is patent searching. Not all patent...
Основные RGB

Execution Genius Part II: Know Thy Customer

In the course of our work, we're often struck by how many of our clients have only a...
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Can Technology Change the State of Men’s Health?

June is Men's Health Awareness Month and by most measures, men's health could certainly use the awareness. Despite...
hi res audio

Lossless Will Ignite Another Audio Revolution

After years in the wilderness, the audio business is about to boom again. The recent announcements that Apple...
Inventory blog

Supply Chain Pains: Rethinking Inventory Turns

While adapting to the ongoing supply chain disruptions, many small and mid-sized companies are learning the art of...
Supply Chain Pains: Vendor Blues

Supply Chain Pains – Shortages, delays, and gouges

Supply Chain Pains: Vendor Blues As shortages, delays and gouges reverberate throughout the supply chain, many companies that...

What Price Cyber Security?

By now we've all heard the horror stories. Credit card and social security numbers hacked and stolen by...

Now available on demand: View our Supply Chain Pains webinar from May 4, 2021.

Speakers and founding partners, Robert Heiblim and Avi Rosenthal presented data, insights and expectations for the future of...