I reached out to bluesalve to have them help me assess the size of our addressable market with Anchor Audio, and the whole process from providing them the information to reviewing the final report, couldn’t have been easier. Their in-depth knowledge and experience of the AV industry that answered many strategic questions we’ve struggled with for years. I now have a focused summary of where my business is at in the industry, and top initiatives we can take to improve the business in the near future. The whole process was affordable, timely and specially targeted to our needs. I highly recommend bluesalve partners to anyone needing assistance with assessing their current position, markets and strategy.”

Alex Jacobs
CEO, Anchor Audio

bluesalve and Lew Brown have been a great addition to the team. Lew is wickedly smart and incisive, with broad experience in a number of key areas: finance, marketing, sales, and operations - the grand slam of business consulting. Lew quickly assesses the situation, zeroes in on the problem, develops the best solution, and most importantly drives us toward a swift implementation of that solution. He isn’t just telling us what’s wrong but getting us in high gear to make it all work better."

Glen O’Brien President,
Electronic Stockroom

Avi Rosenthal of bluesalve partners has played a crucial role in helping MOTU connect with overseas resources to achieve our product marketing objectives. His positive impact on our time to market continues to exceed our expectations.

Jim Cooper
Director of Marketing, MOTU

bluesalve's capability in strategic marketing for consumer electronics products is exceptional. Their ability to identify market gaps and suggest specific offerings that customers will like is uncanny. I'd recommend them to any consumer company who wants an objective third party opinion or needs help in formulating strategic roadmaps and getting them implemented."

George Stelling
Commerical Officer & Investor
(Software, Semi, AI, and IOT)

Past Clients