Product Development

Product development and innovation are the lifeblood of companies and their engine for growth.

While many great product ideas do start with the proverbial back of the cocktail napkin, they never end there. Insight and creativity get the ideas started, but sound process and discipline make them come to life.

Do you have a formal process for innovation and roadmap planning for your business?

How do you ensure your product portfolio meets your market? Beats your competitors? Fits your budgets? Achieves your goals?

Are all your elements for Product Development in place? Where will it sell? To whom? How? Where will it be made? At what cost? Can it make money? Is the market ready?

bluesalve partners can bring you:

  • Product development process
  • Sources and sourcing expertise
  • Cost and budget estimation
  • Roadmap development
  • Market sizing and forecasting
  • Product and program management
  • Supply chain management
  • Packaging creation and expertise
  • Point of purchase, merchandising and go-to-market plans and materials
Product Development

Ready to find out more?

bluesalve partners can bring process and efficiency to your development initiatives. We have deep experience throughout the entire supply chain, from materials to end users. Whether helping to define markets and discover end-user needs and pains, or getting it made on time and on budget; we have collectively planned, built and executed on tens of millions of items that consumers and businesses have bought and used─  and at a profit for our companies and customers.