bluesalve partners are ready to support and inspire you.

Our partners have decades of C-suite experience across multiple disciplines. We elevate you through our deep experience in strategy and general management, business development, sales, marketing, product development and operations. We have a network of associates at all levels and accept clients as individuals or as a team. Whether you are startup, growth, mature, or turnaround, bluesalve partners and our senior consultants can tailor the team to suit your requirements.

Senior Partners


Avi Rosenthal

Avi has held leadership roles throughout the IoT industry, including Nortek, Legrand, Evolve and Superna. His unique industry experience and knowledge has helped both startups and established companies leverage the IoT revolution. Through deep connections with manufacturers, dealers and retailers, he has the insights and resources needed to develop, manufacture and market products and services for the IoT Industry.

Lew Brown

Lew offers a wealth of executive experience as a CEO, COO, President, VP of Business Development and VP of Sales & Marketing throughout the consumer technology sectors, with extensive expertise in IoT products and services. A consummate deal maker, team builder, leader, strategist and implementer, he excels in bringing new products and services to market for turnaround, startup and growth companies.

David Kaplan

A seasoned professional consulting business builder focused on the consumer electronics industries, David was the recipient of the 2019 CTA TechHome Leadership Award. His work at the executive level has involved the complete commercial cycles of the high technology industry with a focus on audio technology and channels including expertise in purchasing, merchandising, and new product introduction.



Mary Miller

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Mary has led global marketing efforts for major brands such as Sega, Disney and Hasbro Interactive and has served in leadership roles at retail, agency and in manufacturing. Her holistic approach to creating growth solutions fhas successfully driven maximum results from scarce resources.

Bill Scheffler

Bill is a highly connected, customer-centric solution finder and opportunity maker with a 30+ year history of building and nurturing partnerships that have opened new multimillion-dollar revenue streams for technology companies and their customers in the smart home space.

Jay Lent

Jay brings with him over 35 years of experience, having held various C-Level positions within the retail and consumer electronics industries including AWS, Voxx International and Tuya Global. He has focused on IoT development and technologies for the last 8 years. He has the experience to take a concept to production.

Mike Buckingham

Mike is a proven business executive with a strong track record of success in selling both hardware and software solutions within the IoT industry. With extensive vertical experience in the connected home market, he offers deep insights into market trends and customer needs, with demonstrated ability to drive business growth and forge strategic partnerships.

Senior Consultants


Colin Burke McClure

Colin is a 25-year veteran of the technology industry. He previously built and sold a successful web services company, in addition to holding senior leadership roles with Monster Cable, Niveus Media, Atlona, and MiOS. He delivers a comprehensive product, marketing, and strategic expertise that spans the full gamut of the CE, IoT, and SaaS spaces.

Ryan Tykwinski

Ryan’s passion and experience focuses on bringing new technology categories, with their products and services, to the consumer market. As a former Senior Merchant and Director of Strategy & Technology for Best Buy, and as a consultant with Sprosty Network, Ryan has led and been responsible for assessing, identifying, launching and managing hundreds of significant new technology categories and products.

Chris Palmisano

As an Intellectual Property and Business Strategy Adviser and Registered Patent Attorney. Chris helps clients identify and secure intellectual property rights using patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. He helps strategically navigate competitors' rights through freedom-to-operate analyses, and leads diligence activities for acquisition, sale, and fundraising.

Chad Colton

Chad is an experienced sales executive with a history of accelerating growth through strategic initiatives and cultural transformation. He helps empower organizations to thrive through strategic insights, innovative solutions and unparalleled expertise. He is committed to delivering exceptional value by partnering with clients to solve critical challenges, and drive sustainable growth.

Rich Bira

Rich is driven professionally and personally by the vision of how technology can improve people’s lives in their homes. A prior VP of Innovation & Research at Delos and Managing Director of Fibaro Home Intelligence, Rich offers exceptional expertise at the intersection of smart homes, real estate and proptech.