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Time to Think Different

Steve Jobs famously said, "think different". This is a moment to do so. Yes, it is scary out...
Mature financial planner sitting at his desk in an office working online with a laptop and going over documents

Never Waste A Crisis

A common saying in politics, and nowadays other places is "never waste a crisis". And we are clearly...
Top view  of businessman hand stopping falling dominos in a business crisis management conceptual image.

Advice on coping, managing and succeeding through this time of fear and crises

We are living through a time of crisis that affects our health, our work and our businesses. It...
Passenger with headphones. Young man walking through airport terminal to airplane.

The Changing Audio Consumer and the Future of Audio

While many of us focus on high-performance two-channel audio systems, which are more or less the result of...

Going to Market at CES

Having just been at CES2020, I find it interesting to reflect on the 4500 plus exhibitors and all...

Is your consumer technology business prepared for the start of a new decade?

Having been in the consumer technology business for a few decades, at bluesalve partners, we have seen great...

How to Conquer CES

CES is an amazing, and often overwhelming show. 3 million square feet or more of displays at multiple...

Why most telcos are still failing in the smart home market – and what can be done to help

As seen on Smart home is hard. I know because I have led a smart home platform...

Planning For Holiday 2019 and For 2020

The Holiday “selling season” is rapidly approaching, as is the new year of 2020. While we all hope...

CTA Convenes Tech Giants, Startups To Advance Industry Diversity and Inclusion

Arlington, VA, Oct 3, 2019 – Forty organizations – from major technology companies to startups – are founding members of...