Bluesalve at ISC West 2023

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I have not seen ISC West’s official attendance figures as I write this, but my guess is that the words “record breaking” will be part of that announcement. From the perspective of both an attendee and a person who invested a significant number of hours working an exhibitor booth (our client DEN Smart Home), the show was a huge success from start to finish. Big crowds, excitement and buzz, that feeling that deals were being done and the value of real-life human-to-human interaction were reinforced at every turn. Trade shows can be a great stage for noting the evolution and trends in an industry. Here’s what we saw at the show:

  • The security business is a diverse ecosystem and many exhibitors were focused on interoperability, collaboration, partnerships and the convergence of IT and AV.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The emergence of AI is creating new opportunities and challenges for all businesses and the security channels are no exception. AI was a significant discussion and presentation point throughout the show. An extension of trends stemming from “big data “analytics, AI means residential and enterprise security systems are becoming more proactive, intelligent and discerning in how they identify threats and the response to threats.
  • The emergence of smart infrastructure and smart cities is creating new needs and opportunities for smart security at commercial, public and entertainment sites and venues.
  • Smart Home: As homeowners adopt more and more smart home devices that control and monitor their homes, security systems such as access control and perimeter monitoring are adapting to and integrating with these platforms. Voice control, smartphone apps, integration of smart lighting into the security ecosystem are an ever-increasing factor in security channel integrations.
  • The world of sensors is growing and diversifying. It’s not just about smoke, fire and CO2. At ISC we saw infrared, microwave, radar, seismic and other sensors. Want to know if and what your kids are vaping downstairs? There is a sensor for that.

For us, the highlight of the show was helping to present our client DEN Smart Home’s new SmartStrikeā„¢. It is the world’s first communicating door strike that installs easily and discreetly in the door frame providing all the benefits of a smart lock but allowing consumers to keep their door hardware. The DEN booth was packed from beginning to end of show, with integrators telling us over and over that it is a “game changer”. The fsreless,

It was a blast attending ISC West, putting names to faces, shaking hands, doing deals, networking and seeing old friends. It is truly wonderful to be able to share that trade shows are back!

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David Kaplan was the recipient of the 2019 CTA TechHome Leadership Award. His work at the executive level has involved the complete commercial cycles of the high technology industry with a focus on audio technology and channels, including expertise in purchasing, merchandising, and new product introduction.