Rolling Into CES 2023: Meet a Few of Our Clients

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As we head into 2023, the new year begins, as always, with our favorite trade event, the annual Consumer Electronics Show. This year, we’re pleased to be helping some of the most forward-thinking companies in our industry present technologies and solutions that we believe are real difference makers. Here are just a few of them…

How can we reliably power a growing IoT where trillions of devices will need to run on batteries? For many smart applications, the answer will be energy harvesting, and WePower has developed patented technology and patented energy harvesting generators (EHGs) that can produce power from motion. Imagine an IoT where embedded devices can work on their own for their entire lifecycle with no need for battery replacement. WePower’s technology will unleash new possibilities in large-scale deployment of sensors and devices for industrial, automotive, smart home, smart city, and aerospace applications. Demos of WePower’s first three EHG products will be held in Booth #10728 in North Hall LVCC. We’d be happy to show you and make introductions, click here if you’d like an appointment.

Our client DEN will be showing the extraordinary SmartStrike, now in production, which we see as an outstanding solution for smart security. The SmartStrike allows all the features and convenience of a smart door lock without any modifications to the existing door’s hardware design. No need for distributors to stock multiple lock colors and hardware styles, and no need for end users to change the look of their home to incorporate smart access control. The SmartStrike app provides all the expected conveniences of a conventional smart lock, including activity, guest access and intelligent notifications. DEN will be demoing this clever problem solver at the Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion, Booth 52908 at the Venetian, Level 2, click here if you’d like an appointment.

One of the foremost challenges in building IoT devices is the choice of antenna, and Ignion neatly solves the many challenges of antenna selection for IoT developers. Their dramatic Virtual Antenna® technologies turn antenna design into RF circuit design, which can demonstrate knowable in-the-field performance before undertaking costly manufacturing for the device. By simply adjusting the matching network of a few passive components, the operating frequency of the antenna can be tuned or even switched to any frequency or radio technology. Potentially hundreds of different antenna options for different frequencies can be optimally served by a single antenna that can satisfy all use cases, regardless of protocol or radio technology. Ignion is providing a masterstroke solution for IoT development. We’d be happy to show you its stunning capabilities at Booth 11115 in LVCC North Hall, click here if you’d like an appointment.

Shelly is the flagship brand of the European tech company Allterco, and one of the fastest-growing IoT brands in the world, with devices that provide needed solutions for the automation of homes and buildings — all with no hub required! Shelly devices are compatible with all electrical installations, which makes them the perfect choice for the automation of buildings without doing any additional reconstruction. Additionally, all Shelly devices can work independently or as part of other home automation platforms, providing modular, step-by-step automation based on the customer’s preference and needs. Shelly offers comprehensive answers to virtually all smart home challenges, including lighting, climate, appliance controls, blinds and shade controls, access controls and energy management. We’d be happy to meet you at Booth 51229 and make introductions, click here if you’d like an appointment.

KUMUX is taking the smart lighting category to a whole new level with its Human-Centric approach to circadian lighting. Their technology takes artificial light in buildings and using geolocation, date, time and activity, automatically converts it throughout the day into healthy natural light. KUMUX is a software solution that can be integrated into any lighting control system in smart buildings. All that’s needed are tunable white lamps — KUMUX will regulate them in their color temperature and brightness range to simulate the changing sunlight indoors. KUMUX’s benefits for health, wellness and productivity, not to mention energy savings, are a difference maker in this space. Come see it at the Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion, Booth 52908 at the Venetian, Level 2, click here if you’d like an appointment.

Senior falls are one of our most pressing healthcare problems, costing an estimated $70 billion annually and taking a senior’s life every 19 minutes. Walkify’s platform for fall prevention and smart mobility assistance introduces a new dimension of safety and independence for the 1 in 4 seniors (and others) who live with mobility challenges. Multi-dimensional sensing and machine learning predictive analytics are integrated into Walkify’s patented next-generation walking aids, providing powerful evidence-based insights that can save lives and extend independence. Cellular emergency services with 2-way voice provide a natural product extension for the PERS industry, and Walkify’s platform is interoperable with a broad ecosystem of trackers and smart home technologies. We’d be happy to show you this dramatic breakthrough for digital health and aging in place, click here if you’d like an appointment


We look forward, as always, to our time in Vegas and hopefully meeting up with you. Happy New Year to all, and here’s to a great CES 2023!


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