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What Will the Smart Office Look Like?

Just over a year ago, telecommuting was a rare occupation, performed by only 3.6% of U.S. employees. Thanks...

The Chips Are Down. Now What?

There often comes a moment in business, as in life, where something that's long been taken for granted...

What Does It Really Take To Get a Patent?

Intellectual property (IP) can be a byproduct of successful innovation, however IP is not always easy to understand....

Don’t Be Reactionary to Supply Chain Issues

Back in the early days of the Internet, I gained a modest following for putting forth the idea...

Execution Is the Chariot of Genius

The timeless quote for this headline comes from William Blake and ends up on the signature line of...

Brick And Mortar For Consumer Tech: Is It Too Late?

The recent closing of Fry's and the changes at Best Buy do not mean the end of brick...
Finding Daylight In the 3G Sunset

Finding Daylight In the 3G Sunset

The sun never sets on old networks, or so it would seem. The long-awaited decommissioning of 3G cellular...
Wellness Smart Home

The Wellness-Facing Smart Home Is In the Air

Deep into the pandemic, consumers, clinicians and service providers have been looking at the health and wellness landscape...

How to Build a Profitable Business with a Solid Foundation

Start by doing the Foundational Work Every client wants to create the greatest profits possible, but few take...

CES: The Show Goes On – Part III

Once again, Axios and other media outlets reported that there was little of interest in CES -- just...