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OneEvent Technologies Case Study

From Ideations Through Exit


OneEvent Technologies (OET) began as a startup in Mt Horeb, WI. They had developed the very first analytics system to predict situations within buildings through machine learning and AI. The company had a great idea and needed to create products and services based on the concepts they had developed.


OET engaged bluesalve partners to help them develop products and services related to its patented technologies.  Initially the company thought that a “fireman tracking” system that kept firemen safe as they cleared a building would be a great application.  This was fully explored and shelved due to a limited market availability.  The company then shifted its focus to a predictive system that, through a network of sensors, could actually predict fires, floods and other disasters within buildings. Once we were able to engage the insurance industry to understand the positive benefits and risk mitigation that this system could provide, we were able to begin the creation of the OnePrevent system.


bluesalve partners worked with the team at OET to help them with product development, outsourcing of engineering resources, marketing and business development.  Over the course of our engagement with OET we also assisted with fundraising and ultimately the pitch that enabled OET to be bought by a publicly traded company.


The bluesalve team provided an extensive summary of marketplace trends, assistance with UL certification of products, a deep understanding of the security industry and how to develop and operate a company within that industry.  We provided presentations, reports and financial analysis of OET’s business and how they could monetize their ideas and patents.


With our assistance, OET was acquired by a publicly traded company that produced an “exit” that was very satisfactory to the investors and principals of OneEvent.

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