Investment Opportunity

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What We Do

Value Wireless has developed a new, modernized Mobile Personal Emergency Response platform that provides our channel partners and their end customers a superior set of products and services to help the senior population live at home longer, feeling more secure and all at a lower cost.


  • 56m seniors today, 10,000 more daily, 21% of US by 2030
  • 3 of 4 seniors want to age independently in their own home
  • Senior falls cost $70b annually; mobility #1 physical challenge
  • 38% CAGR for shift to remote care and home health services


Our long-standing MVNO partnership with AT & T combined with our advance LTE technology affords us a future proof platform allowing us to offer MPERS, 2-way talk, Telehealth and video services at a pre-emptively disruptive pricing.

Go To Market

VW will deploy a multi-channel strategy building on an initial Direct to Consumer launch via crowdfunding, web presence and Amazon shop. This will facilitate our ability to have the necessary end-customer data and in-field experience to springboard into Central Monitoring Station (CMS), AT&T marketplace, ecommerce and expanded DTC channels.

Value Wireless™ Milestones

  • AT&T Partnership
  • Validated Device design
  • Telehealth partnership

Competitive Differentiation

Modern wireless platform: LTE based network allows expanded services and long-term stability as older platforms will be retired.

New platform eases integration of telehealth services, voice communication and future service enhancements.

Vertical integration provides lower fixed cost to allow profitability to be achieved at reasonable scale.

Revenue Model

Value Wireless’s business and profit model is focused on building recurring monthly revenue from a variety of value-added services, i.e., care giver (family and physician remote access, video streaming and emergency dispatch. Hardware is the trojan horse to these services and is a necessity to support the RMR model.

Value Wireless is the culmination of more than 25 years of telco, consumer IoT and consumer technology sectors


Pre-Revenue, Pre-A


Consumer Technology, Healthcare, Aging-in-Place, Consumer IoT

Number of Employees:


Market Size:


Projected Revenues

2021: $2mm

2022: $21mm

2023: $59mm

Use of Proceeds ($0.5M)

  • Platform Readiness
  • Intellectual Property
  • Extend Team

Management Team


George Hechtman

has over 30 years of experience successfully leading teams in the mobile and consumer electronics industries


Steven Franzken

Extensive experience leading operations for Technology, Business & Application Development, including for Fortune 500 companies

Founder, CPO

Todd Bernstein

built a successful MVNO business which led to the creation of Value Wireless


Kenny Fok

Extensive experience leading operations for Technology, Business Development & Application Development within a high-tech diverse range of· industries including music, and fortune 500 companies

Contact Information: Lewis Brown  |  lew@  |  415.686.5865   |  Oakland, CA, United States