What We Can Learn From Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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As we consider the life and passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we can’t overstate the impact she has had on both our laws and society. While we pay our respects, we can also consider some of the wisdom of her approach and apply it toward our own efforts.

RBG was nothing if not persistent. Imagine graduating with top honors from an elite Ivy League law school and not receiving a single job offer. Her persistence against the odds eventually gained her a clerkship, and through time and talent, she ultimately became the first female tenured law professor at that same university. Persistence doesn’t just complement talent. Persistence is a talent.

Justice Ginsburg also always maintained that real and lasting progress takes place step by step. Of course, in many ways she was a visionary, with both eyes on the big picture, and she worked and served long enough to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing many of her long-term goals realized. She was also optimistic for further progress along the lines that she had set in motion through her accomplishments and dissents.

However, none of this progress came easily, and for the most part, none of it took place in large transformational moments. Instead, her accomplishments were all part of a long term approach, done in steps, with each forward motion building upon the others. Her vision required years — indeed a lifetime of work – with the requisite amounts of patience and perseverance. RBG always persisted.

In business, it’s often our wish is to quickly skip ahead from “where we are now” to the vision of “where we want to be.” All too often, this approach misses many of the step-by-step details that are necessary to achieve or maintain success. Big changes that overlook the needed foundation of process often lose the interest or participation of those who are also along for the ride. This can be ultimately hurtful to the business because grand undertakings require a team, and sometimes almost an army.

At bluesalve partners, we always keep these realities in mind. While we love to consider big ideas, we are especially focused on the steps that are needed to get them done. One time-tested cliché has taught us that great execution of so-so plans will always outperform so-so execution of great plans. It’s important to understand and accept the fundamental truth in this idea. Working with bluesalve, you can break down your path to success into the steps that are necessary in order to execute and succeed.

Our firm has an extensive range of strategic and tactical experience and features a broad diversity of thought and outlook. Our skills can help you shape or focus your own big picture while ensuring that you don’t miss the details of success and the steps that are necessary for lasting progress.

All those who run businesses or business units, or are entrepreneurs, sometimes find that they have some blank spots in skills, knowledge, or network. We at bluesalve partners have built a team that leverages a constellation of talent, experience and industry connections that can solve these gaps and help your initiatives succeed.

We can help think out, work out and execute out the best results for you and your business. And together we can have an enjoyable experience doing it. Whether your needs are defining the road ahead or taking the steps to get there, contact us today for a consultation.

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